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Renaissance Products were originally formulated in the British Museum research laboratories in the early 1950's, in response to a discussion amongst museum technicians at an international conference on fine-art conservation..

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Renaissance Wax Almost Unlimited Uses

Renaissance - Manufactured in the UK

We Sell a wide range of Conservation Products: Renaissance WaxRenaissance Metal De Corroder,Vulpex Liquid Soap

Renaissance Wax has Almost Unlimited uses and applications Great For Coins & Relics ,Wood, Leather, Marble, Stone etc.

 Renaissance Metal De-Corroder it  Removes rust, scale from coins, medals & metal surfaces its Safe, Non-toxic System for Rust Removal with Full Control

Vulpex Liquid Soap Is a safe versatile cleaner of many delicate surfaces i.e coins, textiles, metals, leather, oil paintings (murals, canvas), sculptures, stone etc Non-acid ... non-foaming ... non-corrosive ... germicidal. Vulpex liquid soap is a safe cleaner for practically everything from paper to stone.

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Renaissance Products:

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Renaissance Wax 65ml Almost Unlimited Uses

Pre-Lim surface cleaner

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Renaissance Wax High Quality Motorbike Wax
Review on treatment with renaissance wax High-quality Motorbike wax

Reviews on Renaissance Products



I have been using Renaissance Wax for the protection of my blades collection. Since my blades were new, I didn't need any rust-removing solution. That changed recently when I purchased a 400 years old Wakizashi that had a badly rusted Tsuba. Normally it wouldn't be advisable to clean an ancient piece but since this Tsuba was covered in active rust it was necessary. This Metal Decorroder worked almost miraculously removing all active rust from the metal without leaving any corrosive or toxic residue. The results greatly exceeded my expectations so I have to strongly recommend this product!


Great product it is so useful for protecting newly patined ...

Great product it is so useful for protecting newly patined silver or copper products, also an excellent product for antique furniture.

Miss Aileen Hodgson

Highly recommended

Excellent product. Can be used safely on a range of surfaces without risk. Especially useful to militaria collectors where items need careful & sympathetic cleaning


Metal Decorroder

Nice product and does what it says it was used to restore an old bronze ring and certainly removed years of corrosion.


Bought for cleaning antiques

Being a cautious type I bought the smallest bottle to start with which is a little pricey for a small amount, however it does exactly what it claims to and having cleaned ceramics and metalwork with it I am very satisfied. A recommended product.

Bought for cleaning antiques

Five Stars ********

Excellent cleaner beyond all expectations


Good for antiques

Protects my Roman coin collection ad other antiques no problem


It Works !

It really does work and it comes with a leaflet explaining all about the product, but with no usage instructions. I mixed it with 7 parts water and after about 1/2 an hour had great result.


Highly recommend

Would thoroughly recommend this product for those who collect or deal in militaria, who have items that need careful restoration/attention.


A little goes a long way I use it on ancient coins

I use it on ancient coins once they are cleaned. If it is OK for museums, then it is OK for me. It has loads of other uses, but I haven't tried them, it has a worldwide reputation.