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Nov 11

Polymer Clay Finishing – Renaissance Wax

By Roman-Hoard | Renaissance Wax Uses

This microcrystalline wax polish was originally formulated at the British Museum in the 1950's

.* Examples of Waxed and Un-Waxed Dragonfly Beads... Not Butterfly Beads like I said a few times in the video, despite fully knowing the difference between butterflies and dragonflies :)*

Types of projects that benefit from using a finish such as Renaissance Wax, over that of other types of glazes and finishes.*

Overview of what Renaissance Wax is, where it is made and the many ways in can be used.* Seemingly expensive up front... but not so in the long run because a just little goes a very long ways.*

I show you how simple and easy it is to apply and the gorgeous glossy finish it creates.

Brought to you by Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor. There's more info about

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