Renaissance Wax

Renaissance Wax

Great For Coins & Relics, Wood, Leather, Marble, Stone etc. 

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Renaissance Wax 65ml Almost Unlimited Uses

About Renaissance wax:

Renaissance wax  was originally formulated in the British Museum research laboratories in the early 1950's, in response to a discussion amongst museum technicians at an international conference on fine-art conservation.

In accelerated ageing tests, the British Museum scientist found that all current commercial waxes based on the usual natural waxes (beeswax and carnauba wax) contained acids which, in time, could spoil original finishes on national historic -collections

He rejected them all and investigated the new so-called 'fossil' or microcrystalline waxes being refined out of crude oil. With their distinct characteristics depending on their geographical origins, the new 'man-made' waxes could be accurately blended to meet the needs of many industries, from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to heavy engineering. Thus, the waxes combined Nature's best qualities with the advantages of modern technology.

The blend which emerged from that research was 'designed' for long-term protection of all classes of museum exhibits. At last museum technicians and others caring for important collections could use wax polish that neither caused future conservation problems nor detracted from the intrinsic values of their treasures.

 'Renaissance'. The product was quickly accepted in the international museum world and has become a universally respected standard conservation material - probably the most widely specified - because of its almost unlimited uses. 


Great product it is so useful for protecting newly patined ...

Great product it is so useful for protecting newly patined silver or copper products, also an excellent product for antique furniture.

Miss Aileen Hodgson

Does what it says on the tin

Excellent. Bought it to protect a meteor ring and it works. A little goes a long way.


Bushcraft knives

I have some really nice custom knives and bushcraft knives, and all you need to keep them in great condition (except stones and TLC) is this wax, polishes and protects the metal brilliantly, great cheap stuff


Does what it says.

Recommended for antiques.


Very happy with product and delivery

I chose this product because it was highly recommended in manuals on caring for brass furniture fittings, and ordered it here because I could not find it anywhere in the shops. It arrived very quickly , exactly as described, and seems to do the job. Of course, only time will tell how long the finish lasts before another application is needed.


Good for antiques

Protects my Roman coin collection ad other antiques no problem


Great Stuff

I really want to give this 5 stars as it is so highly recommended, but I use it as a rust/tarnish inhibitor, and although it works - the display items I use it on are like new - I have no way of knowing what they would be like if I didn't use this. Suffice to say the wax is easy to apply and the metal is untarnished. Anyway, to be on the safe side, if ever this tub is finished, I'll be getting another of the same.


The bee's knees.

Beautiful finishes on many types of surfaces of old and new items. You don't need much. Smells wonderful.

A Cactus


This stuff is exactly as described and I'm at a loss as to why I have never thought to purchase it before! has brought a whole new dimension to my jewellery work.


A little goes a long way I use it on ancient coins

I use it on ancient coins once they are cleaned. If it is OK for museums, then it is OK for me. It has loads of other uses, but I haven't tried them, it has a worldwide reputation.


Very good wax for metal and jewellery

Does what it's meant to do, I used it to polish up a sheet of mild steel that I had done a patina on, brought out the colours nicely and so far has prevented further rusting. As a bonus the rings I was wearing at the time of using came up sparkling so I've since used it to give my jewellery a lustrous finish after polishing!


Renaissance Wax

Wax for wood, leather, marble, stone etc. Also preserves Coins & Relics